eazi Finance

Decentralized Banking

Decentralized Banking Protocol offering interest-earning Savings, Credit and Payment account.

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The protocol is structured such that only you have control over your assets. No other party has custody of your assets. No KYC is required to start banking with us. Keep your privacy private.

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We ensure that the protocol is 100% trustless. No third-party approval is required on any action you want to perform with your funds, no matter how small or big it might be, which makes banking with us much eazier and faster.


With our branchless, global banking structure comes the benefit of convenience, it doesn't matter where transactions are coming from or their destination. You can access the financial world through eazi

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eazi Deposit Token to Savings account


You can deposit growing list of vetted, eligible assets into your Savings account to earn attractive yields on your favorite tokens


You also earn competitive, interest(ing) Rewards on your Savings, Credits and More.


Borrow various assets without selling any from your Savings


Send and Receive assets using your Savings account number, it's eazier


  1. Exchange EAZI on PolygonLatest

    $EAZI token is now available on Uniswap and Quickswap, with more exchanges to follow. More information is on its way.

  2. Protocol v1.0Latest

    Participants gain early-access to the Protocol deployed on Polygon Testnet. This is a way for us to gather feedback and call for usage as both are criteria for future rewards.

  3. Application UI v1.0Latest

    Get access to charts, statistics, notifications and more in the next release.

    Access Dashboard
  4. Technical PapersIn Progress

  5. DocumentationWe're Hiring

    We promise the best user & developer's experience.

  6. Open SourceAwaiting Audit

    For the safety of user's funds and assets, we will be releasing the Protocol Source Code after audit is complete and we promise continuous, periodical audit.

  7. Certificate of DepositAwaiting Audit

    We are working on various features for our users, one of which includes Certificate Of Deposit(NFT) Savings and many more awaiting audits before public release.